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Valentines Day and Vampires

Happy early Valentine's Day! A reader asked me recently who my favorite character was in the Retribution series. I honestly can't answer that question. It's like asking which of your children is your favorite. They each have parts of their personality that make them both the best and the worst.

I do, however, have a favorite couple in my series. I love Runa and Kristoff and how they are together. Kristoff does an incredible job managing his alpha maleness with Runa, giving her the support she needs to rule the valkyrie nation. He doesn't overstep, but he doesn't ever stop being the alpha male we expect him to be as a clan leader. And Runa is vulnerable with Kristoff. She's able to turn off the badass and let him see the softer side of her personality. She's able to let him know when she's hurt and how much trauma she went through at the hands of the nosferatu.

I love my other couples, too. Antonia and Zartan have a nice domestic balance to their lives and Arthur is ultra protective of Stephanie. Aiden and Daniel are just a sweet couple. Each pair has their own personality and relationship. Who is your favorite couple?

(To read more about Runa and Kristoff, check out book 3 of the Retribution Universe, Sovereign.)


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