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Making Morning Tea

I'm sitting here writing this blog, listening to my teapot in the background. It's the ritual that kicks off my morning and reminds my mind the time has come for creativity. My favorite teas bounce between Irish Breakfast and Earl Grey (I love a tea that a local shop makes called Shades of Grey, a twist on Earl Grey that adds a little bit of vanilla to the mix). Aside from the nice caffeine kick that helps to get me started, the tea is part of my writing process. It tells me that it's time to get started, time to focus, time to let my creative juices flow.

A lot of activities have rituals. I remember playing volleyball in middle school. The process of stretching before the game was more than warming up our muscles to play. It was also time to get our minds into the game; it settled the days events and helped us to focus and get ready to play.

Is there something you do to get ready for an event or an activity? I'd love to hear about it!


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