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I'm back! (And feeling great!)

2022 was a really hard year. I went through months of chemotherapy for lymphoma - inpatient at Emory in Decatur. Serious shout-out to the nurses and doctors there. They took amazing care of me and helped me beat back cancer! I'm happy to say that I am cancer free and again working on my writing.

Things to look for coming up - first, a cover reveal! This week, I'll be revealing the cover to my next Retribution novel Amends. You can watch for the novel to come out sometime in late February. It's currently going through internal layout and should be finished soon.

After Amends, I'm taking a slight detour from the Retribution Universe. Zartan is yapping at me to finish his second book, but I have a side project that has been even noisier in my head. I'll have more information about that soon. Think humans with mutated DNA, strong heroes with magical powers, and society seeped with rich traditions that go back a thousand years. Don't worry, though, the sixth Retribution novel won't be too far away!


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