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Long Road Ahead

I'm sorry my blogs haven't been as consistent lately as they usually are. I'm coming up on a big, life-changing event that has taken a lot of my normal activities to the back burner.

Later this week, I'll be going to in-patient treatments for lymphoma. I'm grateful my PC doctor caught the tumor by running a basic chest x-ray. I'm grateful I'm at a world-class hospital (Emory). I'm grateful I have the support of friends and family. I'm also trying to focus on the five days in the hospital that I can use to write, go over the artwork my artist sent me for Amends, catch up on reading, and finally finish the first season of Reign.

I'm also scared, anxious, and doing my best not to project too far into the future. The doctors are optimistic about my long-term prognosis. I'm staying focused on that.

Please send some positive vibes my direction. I can use all the good mojo I can get!


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