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Anne Schlea is an avid reader.  She has a deep love of paranormal fiction, history, and mythology.  By merging these loves into one, she creates a vibrant world any reader can step into.

As a child, Anne read the entire paranormal fiction section of her hometown library in Northwest Ohio.  Today, her personal collection holds over 3,000 titles.

In 2022, Anne was diagnosed with lymphoma. She was forced to take a year off of writing, but is now cancer free.

Anne lives in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, a short drive from the Appalachian Mountains.  She attends Dragon Con every year where she loves to meet new writers and attend urban fantasy and writers panels.  Her writing buddy is a Siamese cat mix named for the Toto song Rosanna.

She is the creator of the Retribution Universe and the world of The Fallen.

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