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Song Lists

Music is an important part of Anne's everyday world, which makes it an important part of her writing process.  Below, you'll find lists for some of her favorite "Songs that Inspire." 

Songs that Inspire “Contrition”


“Animal” – Three Days Grace

(Arthur, Chapter 1)


“Better Than Me” – Hinder

(Arthur, Chapter 3)


“When Legends Rise” – Godsmack

(Stephanie, Chapter 5)


“Hear Me Now” – Bad Wolves

(Stephanie and Arthur, Chapter 7)


“Bring Me to Life” – Evanescence

(Stephanie, Chapter 8)


“I Am the Fire” – Halestorm

(Stephanie, Chapter 15)


“Shatter Me” – Lindsey Sterling

(Chapter 15, Morgause; Chapter 22, Aiden)


“Not Strong Enough” – Apocalyptica

(Chapter 17, Runa and Kristoff)


“The Dark of You” – Breaking Benjamin

(Chapter 22)


“Trenches” – Pop Evil

(Stephanie, Epilogue)


“I’ll Follow You Down” – Shinedown

(Arthur and Stephanie)





*Bonus Inspiration*


When the way things have always been stops working, it’s time for a new order.

Sovereign coming Fall 2019


“The Resistance” - Skillet

Songs That Inspire "Genesis"


Leader of the Broken Hearts – Papa Roach

Aiden’s Theme


Atlas Falls – Shinedown

Chapter 3 - Daniel and Aiden – First dinner out


Unforgettable – Godsmack

Chapter 8 – The chains rattle


In Chains – Shaman’s Harvest

Chapter 10 – Chava wakes


The High Road – Three Days Grace

Chapter 11 – Is there a God?


Shine On – Adelita’s Way

Chapter 17 – Meeting Father Thomas


The Safety of Disbelief – Light the Torch

Chapter 18 – Into the Underground


Far Away – Breaking Benjamin

Chapter 19 – Seth and Chava’s Theme


When the Seasons Change – Five Finger Death Punch

Chapter 20 – Daniel’s promise


Be Somebody – Thousand Foot Krutch

Chapter 22 – Aiden and Daniel


Every Time You Leave – I Prevail



Outcast – Shinedown

Seth’s Theme


The Last Night – Skillet

Daniel and Aiden’s Theme

You can find all of Anne's song lists on her YouTube channel at AnneSchlea2701
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