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Swimming in the Ocean

I was out last week because I was on vacation. My sister lives at the beach; I had a long weekend of sun, surf, and cheering on my nieces as they play soccer and baseball.

Total truth: I have a phobia of something in the ocean eating me. I'm a great swimmer. But the idea of being in the same body of water as something that can sting me, bite me, or swallow me? Terrifying. Meanwhile, my six year old niece is snorkeling and trying to catch small fish in the bay. The fear? Pretty irrational. The water was clear; we were in the bay on an island shore; it was only knee deep; and I could see for a long distance if something was coming my way.

I made it through (and truly enjoyed the afternoon) and even got to see dolphins swimming just off the boat on our way back home. What did I walk away from in this experience? To try and live more like my niece. Put on some funny glasses, look at the world through a different lens, and stop to enjoy the colorful fishes.


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