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Rainy Day Pains

Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with lupus. At the time, the pain in my joints was so bad there were days my legs couldn't hold my weight, the stairs were insurmountable, and forget about holding a pen. My lupus presents as connective tissue disease - basically, any or all of my joints can flare up and hurt at any given time. It's an unfortunate disease for an author who needs the use of her fingers, wrists, and elbows.

I had been doing really well for quite some time, until a rainy front came through yesterday. It will likely rain the rest of the week here and my joints recognize it. Excruciating pain plagues the left side of my body (my arm, elbow, write, fingers, knee, and shoulder). There are times were I have to sit and wait for the flare to pass so I can continue my day. Exercise helps work out the issue. Over the counter pain medication doesn't do much.

The good news is the rain will stop. Eventually, the days will clear up again and the aching will hopefully go away. Until then, writing is a little bit slower.


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