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I've been working on the first draft of a new novel and it's been a struggle. I have the outline. I know what the beginning, middle, conflict, and end will be. I can see the scenes in my head. But, I'm struggling. This is part of the problem with writing series - sometimes you HAVE to write the next book even if you don't WANT to because you can't continue the series without it. Contrition was much the same way. To this date, it was the hardest book I've ever written.

Finally, I decided to change my perspective. I spent a couple of days looking at the book through the eyes of a different character - and immediately the novel had new life. I realized the story wasn't the problem; the perspective from which I was telling the story was the problem. I love the idea of this new main character. He's a little daunting to write for - he has a very defined voice and attitude I hope I can give honest life to. He's going to be a challenge, but he's the voice that wanted to be heard.

How often in life is perspective the problem? How many times have I been so confined by "the box" that I never thought to step outside the box? Have I ever considered turning the box upside down to stand on it?


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