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Perfect for Writing

Today is a cloudy, rainy day in Georgia. There's a cold front coming through (our normal high is 80, by 4pm, it will be 48). The good news? Rainy days are my best days for writing. I love listening to the drizzle outside hitting the roof and the windows while I talk with Kristoff, Zartan, and the rest of my cast of characters. I love the color of the trees, leaves bursting with water droplets that bring out the deep greens of the woods next to my house. I love the glistening teardrops that decorate the tea roses outside my living room windows.

My focus is better on rainy days, especially when I wake up to the sound of rain on the rooftop. There's something romantic and at the same time spooky about rainy days. (Perfect for someone writing urban fantasy with vampires and valkyries as main characters.) I'm glad I can take advantage of today's rainy day. There's no day job to get to today, just myself, my laundry, and and afternoon spent with the cast of the Retribution Universe.

What's your favorite kind of weather for a lazy day?


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