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Orphan Update

Orphan of the Fallen is coming! Today, I'm doing final editing on page 164 of 205 (Word document pages, not final product pages) of Orphan. It's been a long time coming, I hope you will all enjoy the final cut. I hope to have the final edits finished by Sunday and send it out for cover artwork first thing in July.

Orphan follows the story of Anna's daughter, Marissa, as she finishes high school and decides what direction she wants to take her life after school. Does she want to join the military like her mom or does she want to stay in school and work for the Committee? It's a different style of book, told from Marissa's first-person point of view, that will give you a deeper look at life inside Orasul and the world of the Fallen.

Which world do you like best? The Retribution Universe with Antonia, Zartan, Runa, and the rest of the vampires? Or the world of the The Fallen and the demons they fight?


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