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Orange Gerber Daisies

Orange Gerber Daisies has nothing to do with today's post other than there's one in the bouquet of flowers on my dining room table. The blog program says to use a catchy title - thus, Orange Gerber Daisies. No one will know what it means, hopefully that will drive you to read the blog.

I'm going to be Earth Shatteringly honest. I have been obsessed with Facebook posts about the Royals for a couple of weeks. What's worse than that? The more you click on the posts, the more posts show up. I swear I spent twenty minutes today looking at "The Most Iconic Jewelry Worn by the Royal Family." Does any of it affect my life? Other than slowly stealing away time, no. But it sure is fascinating. It also makes me think the household of my Vampire Monarch is much too well adjusted.


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