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No Self Control

I love food. My husband and I are both foodies who look for interesting restaurants, spectacular dishes, and (in my case) fabulous cocktails. Unfortunately, I've had absolutely no self control over the last month and now that "I really need to lose about ten pounds" has turned into "I really must lose twenty pounds." Darn you, Atlanta, with all your wonderful restaurants.

It's time for me, along with half the rest of America, to embrace the January diet. I really should stick more firmly to it throughout the year. Diet is more helpful than any medication at keeping my lupus symptoms at bay, I just forget that sometimes when I'm looking at a stellar wine list and a fabulous menu. I try to eat 5-9 cups of vegetables each day. Doing that keeps me feeling full, doesn't leave room for sneaking snacks like the bag of chips hidden in my pantry, and keeps the calorie count down. I can also snack on carrot sticks or cherry tomatoes while I write.


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