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When is the next Retribution novel coming. Probably the most asked writing question I get. Soon. Very soon. Amends is in it's final round of edits and I expect I'll be looking at artwork in the next thirty days. That means final publication is in sight! I know, because of the release of Orphan of the Fallen, you had to wait a little longer for this one. I think you'll agree it's worth the wait. I'll be introducing you to some new characters as well as spending time with old favorites like Zartan and Antonia.

What's keeping me from putting my full focus on Amends? I'm stretching my creative wings on the historical romance novel I keep telling you about. While the basic skeleton is there from why I first sketched out the rough draft, there's a lot of space left for filling in details and putting meat on the bone. It's a nice step away from urban fantasy, where most of my life is spent. I'll be binge watching season two of Bridgerton when it comes out next week, too. You know, for research purposes on the romance genre...


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