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It Finally Got Me

I've successfully dodged COVID for two years. (Granted, a really bad case of allergies back in August made me think I had COVID, but the test was negative.) It finally got me. I haven't officially been tested - I'm trusting the medical advice of "if you have the symptoms, you have COVID." I ran a fever and had body aches for a day. That transitioned into a sore throat. Two days later I added a cough. It's finally all starting to subside on day five. I hope that means I can get back to work soon. I can't imagine what my desk looks like at the office after five days away.

What does COVID mean for my writing? It means I got a lot of editing done on the next Retribution book. I'll be looking forward to the next stages of publishing soon. It will probably go for artwork and final editing in March with a hopeful publication date in April. Besides that, I'm still stuck with the next Fallen book. I'm having trouble getting inspired for the middle section of the book. I know where we start. I know where we end. It's the getting there that has me tripped up. At least I'm enjoying playing around in some other worlds in the meantime. The other worlds may never see a readers eyes, but it's keeping me fresh and allowing me to explore some new ideas. Then again, maybe you'll see a couple of stand alone novels. You never know where this COVID quarantine will lead me.


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