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I'm Not THAT Slytherin

I'm a Slytherin. Everyone who knows me can tell you that. I'm ambitious, a bit closed off to others, and will do what needs to be done to be successful. Professor Snape is my hero.

However, I hate snakes. I mean hate them, are pretty terrified of them, and will scream upon seeing one. Especially one trying to get into my dining room - which is what happened this weekend. I'm minding my own business, cleaning out my birdfeeder, when I turn around to find a gray rat snake casually hanging out in the patio door with his head pointing toward indoors.

He wasn't that big as far as rat snakes go (only about 2 1/2 feet), but I saw him, screamed, and my husband panicked while making dinner inside because he thought I'd hurt myself in the year. (Bless him. When he realized it was just because of a snake, he went to get his phone to take pictures before he moved the not so little guy outside of the fenced in back yard.)

I don't normally scream. I handle myself calmly in an emergency and don't panic. Unless a legless creature is trying to get into my house. So, tell me, what makes you lose your cool?


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