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The last few days have been a bit gloomy for me. I've been looking back at some memories of students who have gone on to bigger and better adventures. Want to know a secret? Sometimes us teachers miss the kids. We know that our time with them is just a season, a moment when we have an opportunity to instill our best in them, help them reach their dreams, learn the lessons they are meant to learn with us. Then they move on to new experiences and new teachers.

Knowing it doesn't mean we don't miss them. Especially when you've spent years with the students like I do. I rarely have a student for one session or semester. More likely I'll see the same student for a number of years, watching them grow, doing my best to guide them in a positive manner.

Did you have a teacher that made an impact on you when you were young? Reach out and let them know. Send them a card or drop them a Facebook message. It would mean more than you could ever know.


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