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Wow, one week off and the focus is shot. There are too many cat rescue videos to watch on Facebook, my "To Be Read" shelf is screaming my name in the other room, and my backyard needs spring work done. I have a million reasons not to write and one reason I should be writing - you! I know you want to get that next installment of The Fallen (my next scheduled drop) and then after that some of you are dying for the fifth book in the Retribution series. Not to mention I need to be writing the rough draft of book six so that I can stay on schedule.

Okay, breathe. Turn off Facebook. Light your "mood" candles and say a prayer to Calliope and settle down. Drink a glass of wine to slow down your mind. Think about how much Zartan has irritated you lately (and those life changing secrets about to come out). Ignore the birds at the birdfeeder. That bird, too.

It's time to focus again and get back to work. There are chapters waiting to be done!


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