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Fall is Here - For Real

Here is Georgia, we have Fake Fall, Pretend Autumn, and any other number of days where it seems like fall has arrived only to revert to hot, humid weather a day or two later. It seems autumn is truly arrived. We've been in the 40's at night for a week straight, the leaves are turning, and seventy-five degrees is a dream and several months away.

And I'm ready for spring to come back.

I'm not a fan of cold weather. I don't like my hands and feet being cold all the time. (Sometimes, I promise the only way my feet are warm is if I'm in a hot bath.) I hate taking my dogs for a walk in the morning when the thermometer is still below fifty. I'm a warm weather girl, through and though.

On the upside, I love the fall holidays. Halloween is my favorite. Thanksgiving is a time for family. Christmas is a heavy work load with lots of music, concerts, and beautiful music to perform. If only I could have my one snowfall of the year on Christmas Eve and then revert to eighty degrees the next day.


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