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Dog Groomers

I'm waiting for a first time appointment with a dog groomer while I write this. She's 20 minutes late for my appointment (not a good sign) and I'm starting to wonder if she's going to show up. She's a mobile groomer who comes to your house, which I thought would be easier on my dog who has never been groomed before (he's two). Unfortunately, it might be back to the drawing board after this.

I try to look at the positive side. Maybe this groomer isn't the right one for us. Maybe Ralphie needs to go to an actual location for a groom. Maybe today just isn't the right day. It is a full moon today, after all. Regardless, I'll give her a little bit longer and then I'll go on about my day. I have enough writing to work on while I sit here and wait.

The edits from my last editor are finished for Amends. I plan on getting back to that in March, once I finish the current draft I'm working on of my historical fiction piece. Such fun characters; I'm looking forward to sharing this one with you later this year.


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