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Creating the Mood

When I sit down to write, I need to create the right, "creative" mood. When I was younger, I would write things out long hand first, carrying around with me spiral bound notebooks with pages upon pages of writing. I still have many of those notebooks tucked away on a bookshelf. They're ideas for the future, stories to write or ideas to add into my worldbuilding. I love to write outside, sitting under the shade of a tree near the mist of a waterfall.

As I've gotten older, I'm less likely to venture out on a hike by myself with a notebook. Instead, I have to create a "creative" mood in my house, on my back patio, or in a hotel room while I travel. At home, I keep fresh flowers on my table. Those, along with a floral smelling candle, brings the outdoors in and helps me focus. On the back patio, I enjoy the birds and the sunshine. An umbrella keeps me from too much of the Georgia sun.

It's important for creative people to set their space. To find the things that help them focus and bring their art to the world. What makes you feel creative?


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