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Catching Up on Napping

Just when everything is moving smoothly, there's a bump in the road. I'm temporarily on pain meds for a minor surgery I had on Monday. Unfortunately, that means no writing. (Well, no writing on anything important unless I want to sound tripped out.) The pets think this turn of events is great because there is lots of lap time on the sofa (along with Bridgerton, entire seasons of MASH, and maybe a Marvel movie or two).

Me, I feel useless. I hate sitting still, but short of falling up the stairs while woozy on the pain meds, I don't have a lot of options of what to do other than sit still. Hopefully, just a couple more days of this and then I'll be back to normal. I had just started work with the artist on the cover of the book when this started.

It seems 2022 is going to be just as difficult of a year as 2020 and 2021.


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