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Back from the Homeland

I spent last week visiting family back in the homeland (Ohio). Aside from picking the hottest week of the year (according to Ohio weather) to go, it was a packed trip. I made it to the Lake Erie islands (Kelley's Island, to be exact), hit four wineries on the visit, went hiking, had a cookout with family, wished my cousin good luck at his first semester of college, went swimming, caught a hometown football game, and visited family friends.

Whenever I go home, I find myself writing Americana stories in my head. So far, none of them have made it to the publisher yet, but you never know. There's something beautifully nostalgic about small farm towns and family, evening softball games and ice cream shops, and a happily ever after without war or battles being involved. Maybe one day one of these stories will make it to paper. Maybe not. For now, I'll be happy with the memories.


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