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The road toward a final published book continues onward! Today, I set up my advanced readers copies of Orphan of the Fallen. These copies go to beta readers who agree to post an honest review online about the book once it's read. I trust in the process, trust the book is as good as I think it is, and keep my fingers crossed for good reviews.

Reviews are the hardest thing for writers to get. Very few readers take the time to leave reviews; but, places like Amazon decide whether or not they will promote your book based on your number of reviews. It's a tough cycle to get into - hoping for good reviews so you can reach the magic number that tells Amazon you're a valuable enough asset to push.

If you want to help out your favorite writers, especially if they're smaller, less known writers, please leave a review. I'm on Amazon and Goodreads. Each rating and review helps me establish myself as a "legitimate" writer.


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