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48 Hours and Counting...

Friday is day 1 of my favorite weekend of the year - Dragon Con! I look forward to this weekend when I can embrace my nerdness, listen to authors speak about their craft, people watch, and catch dinner at a couple of my favorite Atlanta restaurants. (It is a little strange eating at a "dress up" restaurant wearing jeans and a Death Star tshirt, but everyone is a little more relaxed this weekend and I tip well...)

This weekend recharges my batteries. It inspires me. I always wake up Monday morning ready to write, ready to conquer social media, and ready for another year of working hard to win readers and give them the best next installment of my books I'm capable of. Hearing a best selling author talk about writing ten books with almost no readers before he "made it" helps keep me moving forward.

Stay tuned to my social media for the next few days to see how my Con is going. I'll be posting pictures and updates as the days go by.


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