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Ahead of Schedule

I'm ahead of schedule? What? I didn't know that was even possible! After a tough January when I felt constantly behind, I'm finishing up my next to last round of edits on Sovereign - almost two months early! Now, before we break out the party champagne, I am simultaneously building my social media empire, running a "day job," and finishing up the first draft of "Genesis." (Working title for now.) It's a lot going on, but hey, I'm ahead of schedule for today and I'll take it. It seems funny to some people that me, a self-published author who's boss is, well, me, has a schedule. It's really simple why. If I don't, you'll never see the next installment of anything. I'm too easily distracted.

Look! Squirrel! Sorry. I was distracted. The truth is, the best was for me to keep on task and to accomplish everything I want to in life is to have a good schedule. I know I need Sovereign to be completely through editing by the middle of July if it's going to have a fall release date. I know my editor needs Orphan of the Fallen for the first round of edits by September first if it's going to his shelves in March. These dates are non-negotiable if I want to stay on schedule. If you're a writer, or one day want to be an author, set a schedule and stick to it. That is the most important tool in your tool box.

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