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Writing When You’re Happy

I noticed a few years ago that when life is moving along at an even keel, writing is more difficult. A little bit of chaos in my brain creates better characters and storylines. For me, creative juices flow when I’m angry, upset, or hurt.

And as I worked to add serenity to my life, I realized I wanted to write less.

A terrifying thought to someone who loves to tell stories and create worlds.

I knew I would need to force myself to learn to write a different way.

Reading and writing were an escape for me. I grew up deep in the country. Movies were rare, television had five channels, and the closest kids my age were a mile away.

Writing took me away from loneliness, vented frustration, and let me see imaginary worlds no one else was a part of.

I’ve talked to other creative types over the years since this realization. More than I expected connected with my observation – acknowledging sadness and even depression seem to fuel creative “binges.”

However, I like being serene, calm, and happy.

To continue my craft, I had to learn a new way to be creative.

Today, I spend the time to put myself “in the right mind frame.” I’ve learned writing early in the morning is best, my mind wanders and has trouble focusing in the afternoon and evening. I’ve learned not to take phone calls or disrupt the mood when it hits me.

I don’t have to be sad or frustrated to write anymore. Identifying the learned trait – using writing as an escape – helped me to find a healthier way to be writer.

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