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When Character Have a Mind of Their Own

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about one of my supporting characters. Initially, I intended her to be in one book, turnout to be part of Team Bad Guys, and die. She wasn’t meant to be around more than one book.

But as I wrote, I realized she had different plans. I was about half way through the manuscript when I knew she didn’t have the personality to be one of the big bads.

Was she misguided? Probably.

But aren’t we all at some point in our lives?

I started to look at her through the lens of youthful ignorance and bad friendships. Her story grew. Rather than being killed off after a couple of hundred pages, now she has a future that reaches into book four and maybe beyond.

She hasn’t given me any hints to what happens after that.

Sometimes as a writer, I create a character that is supposed to fulfill a purpose. Like the Chosen One, they live out their story, and then give up their lives to farther the life plan of the main character. But more and more, as I allow the free-flowing thought of creativity to guide me, the characters don’t want to die.

This one wants to redeem herself – to stand up, brush the dirt off, and start building a better world.

I think I’m going to let her.

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