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Will Sherman has mastered the art of being alone. He lives in a cabin with no electricity halfway up a mountain in Nevada. He shuns the local vampire clan and sticks to himself, making enough money from time to time to get by, existing out of the bottom of a bottle. Until, at least, Marcus comes with a mission he can't turn away from. With a promise to be left alone, Will packs his bags for Atlanta, Georgia.

Unbeknownst to Will, Cecelia is waiting for him in Atlanta.  Once the love of his life, she crossed over into vampire life not knowing he had, too.  Now fate throws them together in the search to put the ghost of a Cherokee Chief back to rest.


The Retribution Universe


Let me introduce you to the Retribution universe.  Some of you might already live here and not realize it.  It's a world in Georgia where vampires live, witches thrive, and a war among immortals is taking shape.

Retribution - Available now at a bookseller near you - Everyone in her life agrees Antonia was given control of her family's clan when she was far too young.

Contrition - Available now at a bookseller near you - Arthur thought his life was going smoothly.  He knew his place in his clan, the immortal world was at peace, and he lived comfortably.  At least until one errant human crosses his path. 


Sovereign - Available now through Amazon - Runa ended up in a nosferatu prison by helping the vampires.  Can Kristoff bring her back?


Genesis - Available now through Amazon - The Old One is the first of the vampires.  She takes the human Daniel under her wing, bringing him along on a journey that leads to the origin of the vampires. 

The World of The Fallen

The Fallen - Available now through Amazon - Anna Cazut is born of a breed of angels chosen to live on earth. But everything could end in a moment when their own people threaten to end their way of life forever.

Orphan of the Fallen - Marissa Cazut lives in the shadow of her parents, two Fallen warriors, but as the end of her school years approach she must decide if she's going to follow in their footsteps or take the safer path.

"I have thought of you every day of my life.  In the darkest moments of my despair, you have been there as a light to guide me through.  Please never believe that you are so unimportant or simple as an itch I needed to scratch.  In truth, you were then and still are the most important soul to cross my path in this lifetime and probably the next.”

- Amends

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